Routine Chiropody

Experience the feeling of walking on air with our routine chiropody treatment!

Nail Surgery

Fed up with being on a waiting list for nail surgery? Book now for a permanent solution to ingrowing toenails.

Sports Podiatry

Expert knowledge of lower limb sports injuries and world class biomechanical assessment.

Shockwave Therapy

Book ESWT for fast and effective relief from heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and achilles tendon injury!

Corns and Calluses Removal

Get your feet feeling comfortable and silky smooth in time for the holiday season!

Verruca Needling

Finally get rid of those verrucas in just one treatment or we guarantee a second treatment FREE OF CHARGE!


Experience our state of the art Video Gait Analysis with Infra Red for a more accurate interpretation of your movement!

Custom Foot Orthoses

Truly custom prescription foot orthoses using IQUBE 3D scanning technology and digital design software for perfect fit and function.

Foot Mobilisation

See immediate improvement in painful, stiff feet following our soft tissue and joint mobilisation treatment!

Exercise Prescription

Learn how to optimise your treatment and accelerate your return to pain free activity using the latest advances in exercise therapy.  

KeryFlex Nail Reconstruction

As one of only two clinics in the UK to offer this service, our certified provider will create, fit and shape a new toenail in just one visit.