Thick Nails

Our Podiatrists are able to improve the look and feel of thick nails, giving you a sense of relief and the confidence to show your off your feet again!

Thick nails are extremely common and can be caused by many things including direct trauma, ill fitting footwear and fungal infection. They are more common in people who are extremely active and also those who wear work boots on a daily basis.

Thick nails can be unsightly and embarrassing. Our experienced Podiatrists will reassure you that in most cases a lot can be done to improve the look and feel of thick nails. When you book in to see us our Podiatrist will carry out an Initial Podiatry Consultation where they will ascertain the cause of your nail problems and advise on an appropriate course of treatment.

Where possible they will administer treatment within your consultation, so that you leave feeling more confident and happy with the way your nails look than when you arrived.

The treatments we offer for thick nails include:

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery to permanently remove a thick nail that is causing pain or has not responded to antifungal treatment. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic by your Podiatrist

Nail Reduction

Nail reduction using a state of the art mechanical Podiatry drill.

Anti Fungal Treatment

Anti fungal treatment supplied by your Podiatrist, if you need oral medication then your Podiatrist will write to your GP to recommend this.

Self Care Advice

Self care advice on preventing or minimising thick nails in the future.

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