Routine Chiropody

At Active Step our Podiatrists can achieve in one session what might take you several hours, so that you leave us with healthy, happy feet that you’re proud to show off!

Your Initial Consultation will involve taking your medical history, assessing your circulation and nerve responses and discussing your foot health concerns. Once your Podiatrist has all the information they need, they will diagnose any conditions you have and where appropriate provide you with a thorough chiropody treatment addressing your skin and/or nail issues as well as give you research backed advice on how to manage your foot problem in the future.

Typical treatments that we provide as part of a routine chiropody appointment include:

  • Conservative removal of ingrown toenails
  • Verruca treatments
  • Fungal skin and nail treatment
  • Removal of callus and corns using scalpel debridement
  • Mechanical reduction of thick nails
  • Diabetic foot assessment & treatment
  • Treatment of sweaty feet conditions

At the end of your initial consultation your Podiatrist may recommend a follow up appointment, especially if you require ongoing foot care or your condition requires a course of treatment. They will also send a letter to your GP advising them of the treatment and advice you have received and the plan for managing your foot health going forward.

Treatments & Solutions

Our team of HCPC registered Podiatrists provide advanced treatments for a wide range of foot & ankle conditions.

About Active Step

We have a culture of continuous learning, enabling us to stay at the forefront of modern healthcare techniques and deliver world class Podiatry care.

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