Patient Testimonials

Below are a selection of testimonials from our patients.

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What people say about us:

“All good feedback from our visits to your clinic, we’ve had three now! Thank you Chalene for looking after my daughter to well, she felt very safe and comfortable in your hands. I had the utmost confidence in you, which is a must when undergoing surgery.”

“I visited Emily about a year ago to have some nail surgery, she was extremely professional in explaining the treatment in detail beforehand. More importantly, she is a lovely, friendly person who immediately puts you at ease. This friendliness is extended throughout all the staff working at the practice, the receptionist is welcoming and treat you as if you have been a patient for years. A wonderful experience – thank you.”

My 11 yr old son was in constant pain when a friend recommended we see Emily. Her calm, professional, engaged manner immediately gave us both the reassurance that we were in the right place and Emily could help my son. She quickly arranged treatment for him before an event which he’d considered missing due to the pain he knew it would cause him. Thanks to Emily, and her treatment, he was able to attend the event with barely any discomfort, something we couldn’t have dared hope for just a few weeks beforehand. I would happily recommend, and I have, Emily to anyone in need of a Podiatrist.

“From not being able to run one mile without horrendous knee pain to completing my first ever marathon five months later in 4 hours and 33 minutes with not one step of knee pain. Thank you, Astrid – highly recommend!”

“My next step with Active Step is with orthotics, I look forward to starting this process and feel hopeful that these preventative measures will really help me now and in the future. Overall, all the staff I have met at Active Step have been really genuine, friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend and will definitely continue my treatment with them. And a quick special mention to Eoin at the desk as he once chased me down the road as he had overcharged me, I honestly hadn’t noticed at the time and was so surprised at his honesty and decency that it made my day.”

“I would just like to say a big thank you to all at Active Step. I’ve attempted on several occasions to find a podiatrist who can help ease the pain I have with my feet. I’ve had orthotics made by other podiatrists and after spending out a considerable amount of money they have never been suitable even after several reworks. After my first visit to Active Step to see Astrid, she knew exactly what was required, and not only supplied me with two amazing pairs of orthotics, she also recommended Johnathan the Physio to ease some hip pain I had. I can’t thank Astrid and Active Step enough, I no longer have pain in my feet, and my hip pain is also improving. As you know, I even bought a third pair of Orthotics as they were so successful. Thank you Active Step, I will be recommending you at the earliest opportunity.”

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