Active Step Podiatry Patient Care Plans

It is quick and easy to join our Patient Care Plans and the benefits are available to you immediately.

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Our Membership Club Benefits

Active Step Podiatry Patient Care Plans


We are delighted to be able to offer our patients, new patient care plans tailored to your specific needs.

All the fantastic benefits are available to all members regardless of which plan you have.

This is because our plans are based on your foot health needs first and foremost.


Your Patient Care Plan Options are;

We have created 3 types of subscription to support the type of treatment plans are patients have chosen.

Seasonal Plan – Up to 4 visits per year.

Bi monthly Plan – Visit every 6 to 8 weeks up to 8 visits per year.

Monthly Plan – Visit every 4 weeks up to 13 visits per year.

These plans are based on a 12 month subscription.

For no extra cost other than the cost of your normal appointments themselves you will receive;

  • A welcome package full of goodies just for you.
  • 10% discount off products and other services and care packages including signature products and services
  • Exclusive discount for partners
  • Spread the costs of maintaining your foot health over 12 months
  • Receive exclusive membership offers
  • Special treat on your birthday which includes a complimentary upgrade appointment  to deluxe Medi Pedi.
  • Besides your normal appointments you will also receive a Free Extended Annual Foot Health Screening which includes vascular, neurological, dermatological, diabetic foot Ax  assessment to identify risks of vascular disease, red flags for skin conditions or symptoms of underlying medical conditions
  • For new patients who sign up at their first appointment, initial consult fee will be reduced down to follow up fee then pay monthly

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