Ingrown Toenail Treatments

Our Podiatrists are qualified to perform nail surgery under local anaesthetic and can make you pain-free almost immediately as well as give you the freedom to recommence the activities you love after around six weeks.

Ingrowing toenails most commonly affect the big toenail and are usually caused by poorly fitting footwear, direct trauma or poor nail cutting technique. As a result of the foot being in shoes and socks most of the day, the potential for infection is high and this can lead to intense pain and difficulty walking and will likely necessitate a course of antibiotics from your Podiatrist or GP.

Our Podiatrists are highly skilled in both the assessment and management of ingrowing toenails and will conduct a thorough Initial Podiatry Consultation to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for you.

We are registered with the following insurances companies to perform Nail Surgery:

If you are covered by another insurance company then provided you have authorisation we will be able to provide treatment. Find out more information about Nail Surgery.

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Our Ingrown Toenail treatments include:

Non Surgical Nail Removal

Non surgical nail removal using fine instruments combined with the highly specialised skills of our Podiatrist. Our Podiatrist will give you nail cutting advice to help you prevent any further recurrences. This treatment is performed within a Routine Follow Up appointment.

Nail Surgery Under Local Anaesthetic

Nail surgery under local anaesthetic with the application of a chemical called Phenol to prevent regrowth of the ingrowing nail and resolution of your painful symptoms. Our Podiatrist will also provide you with aftercare advice and follow up treatment to optimise your healing and minimise your risk of developing an infection.


Our Podiatrists are qualified to supply antibiotics if you require them as part of your treatment.

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