Fed Up With Treating Your Verrucas? Learn About The Latest Verruca Treatment

15th June 2020
Active Step

Time and a lot of patience is required to successfully treat and manage a verruca.

The aim of this blog is to discuss the latest concept and innovation of “Verruca Needling” and to literally get to the pointy end of treating and solving that pesky problem on the bottom of your foot.

First, let’s take a step back and look at the pathophysiology of what a verruca is; in other words, what’s on your foot and why it is there? The big wigs in literature have defined it as “A benign lesion that forms on the skin, in consequence to a portal of entry in which Human Papillomavirus (HPV) enters through”. In other words, any breach of your skin barrier allows the HPV virus to enter into your body, causing uncontrolled replication and proliferation of the skin cells thus resulting in the verruca on the bottom of your foot.

Your next question and one that I commonly hear in the clinic is why is this thing hanging around? The answer is frustratingly simple, your body’s immune system has failed to recognise that there is a virus on the bottom of your foot. And this is what makes the verruca so frustrating.

Now, let’s backtrack back to the original topic of verruca needling that I introduced to you earlier as you are probably thinking what on earth is this. It nutshell it’s an advanced specialist verruca treatment, that works on stimulating an immune response in the body. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, and the site is repetitively traumatised by a needle, this does a few amazingly cool things;

  1. It pushes that pesky virus deeper into the subcutaneous tissue allowing your body to recognise its there.
  2. Increases the immune regulators to the sites through repetitive trauma.
  3. No scar tissue is associated with this procedure, which is handy because constant bouts of acids and freezing remedies can cause scars to develop on the bottom of your foot, which can be equally as problematic as the verrucae.
  4. You will be able to go dressing free after 24-48 hrs post procedure, which in my opinion is unreal!

If those reasons aren’t enough to change the way of thought in regards to verruca treatment, this sneaky research statistic had me convinced – 75% resolution rate with the first needling along with no adjunctive treatments required. This figure of success is significantly higher than the “at home” treatments available which are currently around 40-50%.

Personally, with every needling procedure that I have undertaken and followed up, I have seen a greater resolution rate than the 75% that the literature quotes. This, in turn, has changed my belief pattern with regards to resolving this issue in a timely manner, as it can have significant psychosocial impacts. Taking your shoe off in public should not cause fear or anxiety, I have seen many patients who are embarrassed, ashamed and defeated because they have repeatedly tried to resolve the issue to no avail. There is hope and you are not the end of the line!

At Active Step, we treat a wide range of foot and lower limb conditions including the treatment of verruca’s. Here is more information regarding our verruca treatment or to book an appointment, or alternatively give us a call on 01489 881 204 or send us an email on info@activestep.co.uk, and we’ll be happy to help.

Written by Astrid Codemo, HCPC Registered Podiatrist, Active Step Healthcare Ltd.