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Verrucas & Warts

At Active Step we know how frustrating verrucas can be and how they make you want to hide your feet or think twice about going to the swimming pool.

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Verrucas And Warts

Our Podiatrists use several treatment approaches to get rid of unsightly verrucas, giving you the confidence to go barefoot and enjoy your visits to the gym and spa again.

Verrucas are a highly contagious viral lesion which infects the outer layer of the skin known as the epidermis. It cleverly mimics normal skin cells which makes it difficult for the body to detect which is why they can stay in situ for several years.

Verrucas are caught when the skin is compromised by a cut or scrape, and are usually spread in communal areas such as swimming pools, showers and athletic facilities. Verrucas tend to be more common in children than adults.

Our Podiatrists are all trained in a variety of Verruca treatments and will conduct a thorough Initial Podiatry Consultation to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for you based on your presentation and medical history.

The benefits of our treatments are:

  • To provoke an immune response from the body to get rid of your verrucas so you don’t have to hide your feet away anymore.
  • Reduce pain caused by the verruca lesion to get you back to the activities you love.
  • Prevent further spread to friends or family members.

At Active Step the verruca treatments we offer are:

Verucca Needling (Falknor's Procedure)

Caustic Treatments Silver Nitrate (90%) & Salicylic Acid (60%)


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