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Morton's Neuroma

At Active Step, we resolve symptoms of numbness, tingling and sharp shooting pains in the feet that may be affecting what footwear you can comfortably wear or your ability to join in dance and fitness activities without pain!

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Morton's Neuroma Conditions

Our Musculoskeletal Podiatrists use several treatment approaches to resolve nerve related pains in the feet, to give you back the freedom to run, jump and dance and wear whatever shoes match your coat and handbag!

Morton’s Neuroma is also known as Interdigital Neuritis and relates to a fibrous nerve bundle that forms in between the toes and causes radiating pain and numbness in the toes.

The most common site of a Morton’s Neuroma is between the 3rd and 4th toe and diagnosis is usually made by squeezing the forefoot and listening for an audible click which is called “Mulder’s Click”.

The most common cause of Morton’s Neuroma is tight fitting footwear and ladies who wear high heels are typical sufferers. Other people that may suffer from neuromas are those who do lots of walking or running and people with flat feet or very high arched feet also seem to be more susceptible.

Our Musculoskeletal Podiatrists are specialists in diagnosing Morton’s neuroma and differentiating it from other causes of forefoot pain. Our Musculoskeletal Consultation with Video Gait Analysis will enable them to diagnose the condition, assess footwear and identify any gait-related issues that may be contributing to your symptoms so that they can tailor a treatment plan to get you pain-free again.

Treatments we offer to improve symptoms of Morton's Neuroma include:

Custom Foot Orthoses

Custom foot orthoses to address any gait related or biomechanical issues that are contributing to your symptoms.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy is a non invasive therapy that can be used to reduce symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma.

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy (Referral to our Consultant Partner) to manage painful symptoms and to suppress nerve inflammation.

Footwear Advice

Footwear advice to ensure that any nerve compression is minimised.

Orthopaedic Consultation

Orthopaedic Consultation (Referral to our Consultant Partner) for cases that have not responded adequately to conservative treatment measures.
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