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Knee Pain

At Active Step we improve achy, stiff, weak and swollen knees, that may be causing you problems climbing the stairs, playing sport or kneeling down to play with the kids.

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Knee Pain Conditions

Our Musculoskeletal Podiatrists are experts at reducing painful symptoms and improving your knee strength and feeling of stability so that you can confidently tackle hills, get back to sport or building a Lego tower on the carpet.

Knee pain affects people of all ages and activity levels and can take many forms. Some of the symptoms that sufferers of knee pain may describe are aching, sharp shooting pains, catching, giving way, locking and stiffness.

Our Musculoskeletal Podiatrists are specialists in assessing the knee joint and diagnosing conditions affecting the knee. Our Musculoskeletal Consultation with Video Gait Analysis will identify not only the cause of your knee pain but all the biomechanical factors that might influence your rehabilitation so that our specialists can tailor a plan to optimise your return to activity.

Knee problems that most commonly affect adults include:

  • Patellar tendonitis is also referred to as jumper’s knee and is described as soreness and stiffness at the front of the knee.
  • Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome and Chondromalacia Patellar, both collectively known as Runner’s Knee. Sufferers usually describe tenderness or pain behind or on the sides of the kneecap.
  • Meniscus tear/Cartilage damage is very specific pain around the knee joint line, there is usually very little swelling and sufferers often describe a catching sensation on bending the knee.
  • Osteoarthritis can occur when the joint space narrows and cartilage becomes worn in the knee joint. This is more common in older patients although can be hastened by untreated Patellar Femoral Pain and Chondromalacia Patellar conditions.
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament & Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries are common amongst footballers and skiers primarily due to the high-speed twisting and turning movements placed on the knee joint.

Knee problems that affect children are:

  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease is a condition causing pain and swelling just below the knee and usually affects adolescent children who play sports.

In rare cases, knee pains and associated swelling can be a symptom of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Treatments that may benefit your knee pain include:

Custom Foot Orthoses

Custom Foot Orthoses to address biomechanical issues that may be contributing to your knee pain such as Flat Feet. These may be prescribed to aid rehabilitation or as a long term treatment to minimise the risk of re-injury.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise Rehabilitation to optimise any weak muscles or restrictions in joint mobility that may be compromising your knee function.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy to expedite healing of any soft tissue structures such as tendons and muscles and to reduce painful symptoms during recovery.

Taping & Strapping

Taping & Strapping to support and/or stabilise any knee structures that may injured or weakened through injury.

Return to Running Programme

Return to Running Programme to get you back to active sport in a structured and supported way to reduce your risk of getting injured again.
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