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Heel Pain

At Active Step we solve heel pain that may be causing you excruciating pain when you step out of bed in the morning, or make standing on your feet at work all day utterly miserable.

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Heel Pain Conditions

Our Musculoskeletal Podiatrists are experts at resolving all types of heel pain and will get rid of that feeling of dread you experience every time you stand up and get you back to living a pain free, active life again.

The most common cause of heel pain in adults is Plantar Fasciitis, which is now more accurately referred to as Plantar Fasciopathy. This is due to the fact that research has shown the condition to be more degenerative in nature as opposed to inflammatory, which has affected the way in which it is now treated. Typically sufferers of the condition will describe intense pain in the heel first thing in the morning or after periods of rest which eases with activity.

In children, the most common type of heel pain is Sever’s and symptoms are typically described at the back of the heel bone at the insertion of the achilles tendon. Sever’s is most commonly seen in very active children and adolescents.

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Less common diagnoses for heel pain are:

  • Calcaneal fracture
  • Baxter’s nerve impingement
  • Fat pad inflammation

There are several risk factors to developing Plantar Fasciopathy that are not limited to: obesity, occupations that require long periods of standing or walking, running and extremely flat or high arched foot types and poor footwear choices.

Our Musculoskeletal Podiatrists are experts at treating Plantar Fasciopathy and will conduct a thorough Musculoskeletal Consultation with Video Gait Analysis to identify all the variables that are contributing to your pain.

Effective treatments that we offer at Active Step to resolve Plantar Fasciopathy are:

Custom Foot Orthoses

Custom foot orthoses which will address any foot posture issues or dysfunctional gait patterns that are affecting your plantar fascia function.

They will also work to decrease tissue stress on the injured structures in the heel to resolve your painful symptoms.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation which will be structured in a way to progressively increase your plantar fascia’s tolerance to load.

The programme that you learn will not only rehabilitate you but can also be used to prevent further recurrences of the condition, keeping you pain free over the long term.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy which expedites healing of the injured tissues by administering a mechanical impulse deep into the heel. It also stimulates blood flow and healing factors to the site of injury, while giving an analgesic effect.

Most people experience a significant reduction in painful symptoms following Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy.

Taping & Strapping

Taping & Strapping can be used to support the foot and reduce stress on the injured tissue structures over the short term and help you resume normal activity with a reduction in symptoms.

Foot Mobilisation Techniques

Foot mobilisation techniques can be effective in improving foot function and reducing painful symptoms especially where the foot as adopted an altered gait in response to pain and injury.

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy (Referral to our Consultant Partner) can be used where conservative and non invasive methods of treatment have not adequately resolved your symptoms. Steroid injections can be effective in breaking a pain cycle.
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