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Forefoot Pain

At Active Step, we help people with sore, achy, throbbing pains in the balls of their feet that may be preventing them from wearing the shoes they love or reaching their health and fitness goals!

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Forefoot Pain Conditions

Our Musculoskeletal Podiatrists are experts in differentiating between the many causes of forefoot pain and getting rid of your symptoms, so that you can stride out with confidence again in your favourite shoes or enjoy being pain free during your fitness classes.

Forefoot pain is extremely common and can be the result of direct trauma. However, there may also be progressive conditions that have developed over a period of time in response to factors such as footwear choice, sports activity, family history or simply as a result of a person’s foot type or biomechanics (the way their body moves). Our specialist Podiatrist will conduct a detailed Musculoskeletal Assessment with Video Gait Analysis to identify the cause of your pain and the most effective treatment.

Our Podiatrists use several treatment approaches to resolve forefoot pain which may include:

Our Podiatrists can also solve pain in the forefoot caused by corns and calluses and can offer you advice on preventing them returning. Most of these types of problems can be resolved painlessly in just one treatment session by our experts. For these types of issues, our Podiatrist will conduct an Initial Chiropody Consultation to diagnose the problem and to determine the safest way of treating it.

Chiropody treatments include, removal of corns and calluses with a scalpel and then smoothing with a sanding disc, followed by the application of foot cream.

Common musculoskeletal conditions (problems that affect muscles, tendons, joints, bones and nerves in the foot) that our Podiatrists diagnose include:

Morton’s neuroma (aka Interdigital Neuritis)


Plantar Plate Injury

Mallet Toes and Bunions

Dropped Metatarsal Head

Bone Stress Fractures

Hammer & Claw Toes

High Arched (Cavus) Foot Type

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